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Property Management Services

We provide leasing services to fill your vacant property including advertisement in publications around the city, many websites including Craigslist and YouTube, and participation in our monthly Rental Homes Tour. Our staff will handle all paperwork and the move-in process of your new tenant. Following the leasing of your property, our office will coordinate all communication with the tenants regarding payment issues, concerns with the unit, and maintenance issues. Our office staff of four is on duty six days a week to allow for the tenants to reach a person and not an answering machine during business hours. We do have a 24/7 answering service that reports to our staff after hours for any issues that occur on nights and weekends. We are equipped to handle disputes among tenants, evictions and payment concerns, utility problems, and communication with local community assistance departments that work with tenants.
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The Revid maintenance department is on call 24/7/365 to take care of problems that may arise within your unit. Our fleet of nine trucks handles both small and large repairs, make readies for new tenants, and even small renovation jobs for properties that may have just been acquired. We keep an in-house staff of technicians to ensure that maintenance costs are minimized and problems can be resolved efficiently. We do not want to rely on the schedule of an outside contractor with regards to a repair in a tenant’s home.

Our management team works to get your rent payments quickly. Unlike most companies distributions of the current months rent are made as early as the 15th of the month, as long as tenants timely pay. We do not hold your money until the end of the month and then disperse like many companies in the industry. We look to get our owners their money promptly along with the monthly property report of collections and expenses. Communication to property owners is a vital part of the success of a management team, especially when property owners are not located in the area. Our management team features a client communications manager that is responsible for direct communication for your important questions on your property. We look to provide quick, easy to understand communication with regards to your property, especially for those that do not have the ability to drive by themselves.