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Property Maintenance

In addition to leasing, one of Revid’s primary functions is the maintenance and repair of rental properties. Revid employs a full maintenance staff of insured, licensed and bonded technicians with access to a fleet of fully-equipped work vehicles and all necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right. While separate from the leasing department, Revid’s technicians work closely with office staff to coordinate work orders and respond to issues so that they can be so that they can be resolved quickly and effectively. In cases when issues require the use of sub-contractors, Revid’s long term relationships with other companies allow for quick and cost-effective resolution of major issues.
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Maintenance Contact Person
By utilizing an after-hours answering service and on-call technicians, Revid provides property owners and tenants around the clock emergency repair and maintenance services. Unfortunately, problems do occur in our units and we can’t limit them to a specific time during the day. Burst water pipes, leaking hot water tanks, and gas leaks are all problems that do happen and require immediate action. All tenants have access to our after-hours answering service which is immediately relayed to an on-call technician is dispatched to the property to assess and correct any problem that needs to be resolved.


If you are interested in Revid’s maintenance services but you want to remain in control of the management and leasing of your property, Revid Property Management can provide exclusive maintenance services. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians can handle service calls, maintenance and renovation around the clock allowing you to manage all other operations involved with your property.
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Under circumstance where we believe a situation exists that will require significant cost, we assess the situation and communicate to you our thoughts and suggestions. In certain cases, we will use photo and video to help communicate problems to out-of-town investors. We want everyone involved to be aware of all problems and related costs prior to work being performed. Control of repair and maintenance costs is one of the primary factors leading to a successful investment property. With this in mind, we work to keep costs to a minimum. We take a very active stance on all repair and maintenance issues on our properties. Major problems will develop if small problems are neglected or a “quick fix” method is used. While we strive to maintain your budget by keeping all repair and maintenance costs to a minimum, we strongly recommend that when a major problem is noticed, a complete corrective action may be taken. Problems with roofs and interior plumbing may begin as small leaks that can be patched for a minimal charge, but in the long-run these tend to turn into major problems causing expensive damage to the property.