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Revid Design was formed in 2007 to assist property owners looking to add significant improvements to their rental and personal property. Renovation jobs ranging from interior remodels such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, hardwood floor installation, and HVAC upgrades can easily be completed with the goal of adding value and improving the property. Exterior renovations including roof replacement, installation of deck or patio, or window replacement can be completed to add value or update the condition and longevity of your property.
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We found property owners were looking to perform upgrades to their property for a variety of reasons. We can help with insurance work that calls for required repairs, the updating needed to compete with modern properties in the rental market, and even complete rebuilds and restorations caused by fire or other unforeseen circumstances.

We have found that by utilizing our management services combined with renovation team we can streamline the process of completing renovations to rental property that is to be placed for rent or even when currently occupied. The streamlined process makes communication much easier and results in significant cost savings for our clients.

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